Once a quarter we meet for a big breakfast, a night outside with bonfire and worship, or a big dinner with a time of prayer.  It's an opportunity for you to feed your need for fun and fellowship (and food!) with other men.  It's a wonderful way for men to support each other on their spiritual journey.


Monday nights are a great time of fellowship and exercise for men who want to build relationships with a great group of guys!   We play pick-up games to 11 points by 1’s and 2’s, win by 2.  There is a 12-minute time limit on each game, so we normally will play 8-12 games per night.  We have guys of all skill levels involved, so don’t be intimidated if you aren’t quite ready to go pro!


This is a group of men who meet on Wednesday nights to study God’s Word, encourage each other and help with accountability.  Whether it is a book study or a DVD study – we strive to grow in our knowledge of the Bible and in support for one another.